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Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping the Identity of Sellers and Buyers Anonymous is our first priority. For all products uploaded on our platforms for Sale, Punarvi will be Sole BRAND, & in any case, Sellers Cannot Contact / Share / Send their Personal / Professional (Business) details to Buyers. In case Punarvi comes to know that Sellers are reaching out / Sending their Personal / Professional (Business) details to Buyers, Punarvi holds the right to deduct & withhold 30% of Payment towards Breach of Terms.

  • Sell your pre-loved ethnic outfits and spread the message of sustainability!
  • Listing your collections for sale is Free. Punarvi will not charge any fees for Registering & Listing. Just pay a small percentage on the products that are sold.
  • We have an exclusive Marketing team who will guide you through the whole process and will help you in uploading just the right images at just the right value to ensure you sell your outfits quickly!
  • We have our exclusive Customer care team to assist you / guide you in case of any queries or guidance.

Thank you for choosing to buy pre-loved clothes. You are one step closer to making the Earth a less polluted place!

  • Choose from a wide range of handpicked and trendy outfits.
  • Buyers do not have to pay any commission for purchasing their outfits, plus you get free shipping!

  • ONLY Domestic shipping is available (USA to USA)
  • This website currently caters to the USA market only. More Countries to be added soon.
  • The privacy of our customers is highly valued, hence we connect both parties anonymously. Please note contacting Buyer / Seller directly is against our terms.
  • Monies of buyers are safeguarded till the shipment is delivered and we consider the respective Postal/courier service tool to check the status of shipment.
  • Once you are registered as a Seller on the website, you can also Buy the outfits and no separate registration is required and vice versa. Single Registration either as a Seller / Buyer will serve you to Buy & Sell Product(s).
  • Our team will communicate with you through emails on your registered email id, make sure to check your emails regularly for further communications from us.
  • Registering on our website implies that you have read and acknowledged our FAQs, Terms and Conditions and accepted them.

It is simple and fast to get started as a buyer.

  • Create an Account with us by filling in basic details. Click on the ‘’How to Buy’’ option on top of the home page & watch the complete video of Registering & Buying Process demonstration.
  • After successfully registering, Add all your favorite collections to Cart & Proceed to Pay. After successful payment, you will receive an auto-generated email on your email id registered with us with complete order details.
  • By registering on our Website, you will be able to see all your orders in one place, receive updates on your order(s) & you can also track the shipments.

It is extremely easy to get started as a seller.

  • It is extremely easy to get started as a seller!
  • Create an account with us by filling in just a few pieces of information.
  • After Successfully registering, Go to the Products section & Click on Add a new Product. Fill up complete details of the Product & upload at least 3 High-Resolution images of the Product(s) you want to Sell and submit
  • Once the team approves your outfits and price, they will be posted on the website.
  • After it is sold, ensure the outfit is and shipped as soon as possible through the cheapest mode of shipment available to you
  • After the buyer confirms receiving the package, your payment will be processed by Team Punarvi
  • For Outfit(s), make sure they are ironed without any wrinkles & Hang them on to a plain background (preferably white). For Jewellery, place the Jewellery pieces on a plain flat surface
  • Take high quality - Front, Back & Close up Pictures of product(s) & pictures of any other aspect you want to highlight in the product to any buyer.
  • We recommend taking the pictures in Bright daylight.
  • Check to ensure if the images reflect the same colors as the actual Product.
  • You can upload a picture by wearing the product to show buyers the fit. To ensure privacy, we prefer you to crop the worn picture up to the neck.
  • In the case of Combo Products, make sure to upload a picture by collaging the products you are combining for sale, as well as cover any face (s) in the picture(s) of the product.
  • Click on the ‘’How to Sell’’ option on top of the home page & watch the complete video of the Seller Registration & Uploading Process demonstration, along with Reference Pictures shown as a sample to capture the Product pictures for uploading.

  • Hang the outfit on a plain background (most preferred is a light-colored wall)
  • Take pictures of all the aspects of the outfit you want to highlight to any buyer
  • Ensure the lighting is good (preferably daylight)
  • Check to see if the images show the same colors as the actual outfit
  • Wear it and send us a picture to show buyers the fit. To ensure privacy we prefer that you not show faces while wearing the product

  • Type of Material & Detailing of Design/work (if any)
  • Colors of the product/outfit
  • Detailed Measurements of outfit (s) in Inches (Bust, Waist, Length & details about Alteration scope in inches are mandatory)
  • Size of the outfit.
  • Mention if there is any scope for alterations.
  • Price expected (Punarvi reserves the right to change this based on market statistics). Please note that you need to include an approximate estimate for shipping charges. You as a Seller will bear the charges to ship the product to the seller, once your listed product has been sold.

  • For Outfit(s), Make sure they are in pristine condition and have no stains and tears, and are washed/dry cleaned and ironed neatly before shipping it.
  • For Jewellery, Make sure there are no missing stones/damages.
  • Punarvi charges a minimum of 15% of the price marked on the item, and this is non-negotiable
  • Every item posted should be shipped for free by the seller, neither Punarvi nor the buyer will bear the shipping cost.
  • If the Product is found to be damaged in any way, Team Punarvi reserves the right to withhold payment either in part or whole. The next course of action will be decided by the team & it will be final.
  • If the team decides to raise a return ticket from the buyer, please note that as a seller, you have to pay for Return Shipping Charges also.
  • If you fail to ship the order within 3 business days of your product(s) getting sold, you will be charged a $5 fee for delay in shipment for each order.

You will receive an auto-generated email to the email id registered with us stating General reasons for Rejections.

If your outfits are not approved, in most cases it will be one of the following reasons:

  • The style and model of the outfit is outdated and will not have any interested buyers
  • The photos sent are not clear (the team will contact you in this case) via email. Please ensure to check your registered email regularly
  • The price you listed the outfit(s) for, maybe high and may not have any interested buyers. Punarvi team will contact you and let you know the optimum market value

  • Once your product is sold, you will receive a notification on your registered email from Punarvi.
  • The Product has to be shipped within 3 days of the product being sold. The buyers shipping address will be available to you on your Sales>Orders screen once the product is sold
  • Please ship through the cheapest postal services you can find
  • Ensure the outfit(s) are securely packed in a sturdy cover or box
  • Share the tracking details for the Shipment under the Sales> Shipments screen.

Please note that, if you fail to share the shipment tracking information with us and the buyer does not receive the package, then you forfeit the right to receive payment from us.

  • The safety and security of our customers is our top priority, we use PayPal's secure gateway for all transactions!
  • You can use your Credit card, Debit card, or your Paypal account to pay for your purchase

  • Please give the Seller (and Team Punarvi) at least a week before contacting us to know about your shipment.
  • You can track the shipment by navigating to our website and logging in to your account under the "My Accounts > Orders" page.
  • Keep tracking your package using the respective postal / courier service’s online tool.
  • Once you receive the package, please place it in good lighting and make sure the whole process of opening and checking the Product(s) for quality is recorded in video format (unboxing video) and share with us within 3 days from the date of delivery.

Please note that, once you receive the package and all is good, please acknowledge that you have received the package by marking it as Order Received on the Website. For Orders, where purchase more than one product under the same order id, you can mark Individual Product as Order Received on the Website each time after receiving the delivery of respective Product. This will ensure that the seller receives their money on time.

In case, if you fail to mark an Order Received within 3 days from the date of delivery of the respective product, Team Punarvi shall close the sale after 3 days, & it will be considered as marked as an Order received from the 4th day. Please note, any Complaints / Returns after the expiry of 3 days from the date of delivery will not be entertained.

    • Please login to your account on our website. Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the My accounts page, by either selecting from the ribbon on the top of your page or at the bottom of your page
    • Navigate to the Orders page and choose the correct Order Number if you have many orders
    • On the respective Order Number, please click on the Order Received Button and select the Product Name for which you received the delivery from your order list and click on “Yes”.
    • This ensures that the package has been received by you as buyer and thus the seller can get paid. Hence it is critical for you to acknowledge receipt of the package.

Please note, once you mark it as Order Received on the website, Team Punarvi shall close the sale & Proceed to pay the seller immediately. In any Case, marking as an order received cannot be unmarked / revoked.

    • If the seller fails to ship the product to Buyer within 3 weeks from the date of order without prior communication, Team Punarvi will cancel the order and refund you the amount.
    • We have a ‘Return Policy’ only for extreme damages / stains, provided the buyer notifies us the same with complete UNBOXING VIDEO within 3 days from the date of delivery. Bits and pieces of the unboxing video will not be considered. The mentioned damages should be clearly visible in the video. Please ensure that the video is shot in good lighting. However, Please note that Team Punarvi will have the sole discretion to accept / deny any request for refund / return and decision made by team shall be final in this regard.
    • Any claims for returns/refunds made after 3 days from Date of delivery will not be entertained.
    • In case of Returns, It is advised that the return package should be strongly and adequately packed and neither seller nor team punarvi shall be responsible for any improper / inadequate packing. Buyer will receive the refund within 3-7 business days after seller receives the delivery of product back and confirms us. Please note that Platform fee paid is non – refundable.
    • We do not allow canceling an order. In some rare circumstances, we can help you cancel the order, when there is a genuine reason and you communicate to us via email promptly. We can facilitate the cancellation of the order provided the seller has not yet shipped the product out to you, the buyer. Please note that Punarvi will be charging you a transaction fee of 10% when we refund you the canceled amount.
    • Team Punarvi reserves the right at sole discretion to cancel any order for any reason, and in cases of cancellation of orders, we shall refund you the product price.

  • If the seller fails to send us the tracking information and you do not receive the package in 3 weeks from the date of purchase, we will refund you the whole amount.

    • Please note, Once the Shipment has been marked as Delivered by the Respective Postal/courier Service, neither Seller nor Team Punarvi shall be responsible for theft / missing packages after delivery. The onus is on the buyer to ensure accurate address information is provided on the order, track the package (tracking information is provided to you via email for each order), and collecting it on time post-delivery.

  • After the seller has received their outfit back, which you as a buyer have returned (the product), we will process your payment within 3-5 business days.
  • After submitting your product for sale, make sure the product is available for sale on the website for at least 3 weeks.
  • To change the details of the product you have submitted, please contact our Team Punarvi either via Email at [email protected] or you can Direct Message our team on our official Instagram Account– “Closet_Punarvi”.
  • Please note, you can make changes to the details of the product submitted only before the product is live published. Once the product is Published Live for Sale on the website, you cannot make any changes to the details given.
  • Please note, you can upload a product only under one Product Id & you cannot upload the same product multiple times for any reason. In any case, DUPLICATE uploading of the same Product will not be entertained. In case if you have uploaded a product & want to change any details of the product information, you can always contact team Punarvi via email or Direct Message on our Instagram id – Closet_Punarvi & make changes to the same product id by taking teams guidance.
  • While reviewing the product submitted, team Punarvi will contact you through email id registered with us in case the team requires any changes to the details submitted / for any additional information, please make sure to keep checking our mails regularly to have proper communication with the team.
  • Please note for any incorrect details submitted, neither Team Punarvi nor Buyer will be responsible & it’s completely your (as a seller) responsibility to enter correct details. In case of any discrepancies, the decision made by Team Punarvi will be final.

Once your product is sold, you will receive an auto-generated email on your email id registered with us with Order Details.

  • The product has to be shipped within 3 business days from the date of sale. The buyer's shipping address will be available to you on your Sales>Orders screen on the website.
  • You can choose any available authorized Courier agency to ship your product.
  • In case if you ship the product after 3 days from the date of sale, Please note that 10% of the actual price of the Product shall be deducted towards delayed shipping Charges & In case if you fail to ship the product, Punarvi reserves the right to charge a minimum of $5 as fees towards cancellation of sold product from your next product price.
  • After shipping the product(s), it is mandatory to enter the shipment tracking ID under the orders section on the website & ensure you mark the product as shipped.
  • Please retain the original receipt of shipment until the buyer confirms receiving the package and your payment is processed.
  • Please note that, if you fail to enter the shipment tracking information on the website in a timely fashion / if you enter wrong / incorrect Shipment Tracking Information and the buyer does not receive the package, then you forfeit the right to receive payment from us. It is completely your responsibility as a Seller to enter the correct shipment tracking information immediately after shipping the product. Neither Punarvi nor Buyer will be responsible for this.
  • Ensure the Product(s) are securely & adequately packed in a sturdy cover or cardboard box.
  • While shipping jewelry, please note that it’s mandatory that they are tightly bubble-wrapped.
  • In case of any improper / Inadequate packaging, neither Team Punarvi nor Buyer will be responsible and the decision making of the team will be final in handling the further processes.
  • After you have shipped the product(s) to the buyer & it is delivered, Please Note to log in to your account on the website & enter the date of delivery under ‘’My Account > Orders Screen & ensure to mark the product as delivered from your end.
  • Team Punarvi will start processing your payment after 3 days from the date of delivery and you will receive the payment to your account entered on the website with us within 3-7 Business days.

You can email us at our official email id – [email protected] / You can also Direct message us to our Official Instagram account – ‘’closet_punarvi’’. Our customer support team will guide you for any queries / for any assistance.

We welcome and are thankful for the gift of feedback. Any feedback you as our customers can give is greatly appreciated.

  • It can be about the outfit(s) that you sold/bought.
  • It can be about the Selling / Shopping experience you had with us.
  • It can be about improvements we can do to our website or to enhance the experience for you as shoppers.

Please leave your valuable comments in the Contact Us section and we will be happy to read them and get back to you as appropriate.